The Eon Well Approach


At Eon Well, we specialize in identifying the root cause of chronic conditions as well as prioritize solutions to reach optimal health using our scientifically proven modalities that curb inflammation.

To this end, we have developed a scientific approach that empowers individuals to take control of their health with programs tailored to maximize their cellular health and energy, mitochondria function while reaching their unique goals and needs.



The 360-Assessment is the first step in identifying the root causes of our clients’ needs.

Using proven technology and proprietary methods, our team will assess your biomarkers and establish the understanding necessary to address your individual medical wellness journey.

Our consultation starts with a traditional functional medicine conversation.

Our team of functional medicine practitioners starts their line of questioning by identifying the key problems affecting clients. They assess the root cause of issues at a high level regarding family chronic disease history, pain, sleeping disorder, depression moods swings, digestions, memory, and more.

Once the history questionnaire is completed, we address the patient’s biofeedback assessment using either the Qest or Zyto approach.

Our team has run the biofeedback for over 10,000 patients and has developed a deep understanding of the biofeedback assessment.

We determine the nutritional factors that need to be addressed.

From our biofeedback platforms, our team can help to select the foods that may contribute to each client’s improvement.

We determine the biological factors that need to be addressed.

By incorporating saliva, blood spot, and urine tests we identify metabolic misalignments related to health issues such as inflammation, sleep disorders, hormone disorders, and more.

We leverage medical-grade health testing and gold standard technologies to deliver immediate, science-backed insights about your overall health, fitness, and body composition.

The assessment includes data regarding your body fat, muscle mass, water mass, and bone density. We share the results with you via a user-friendly app.

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Root Cause Identification


In Phase 2, we use the results of the 360-assessment to define the root causes of the areas for your medical wellness improvement.

Baseline Established

Once the Assessment data is gathered and documented, we established a baseline for our clients.

Missing Links Determined

There is a pattern by which human bodies fall apart. EonWell identifies the missing links needed to reverse that pattern.

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Protocol Implementation


For 4–8 weeks, we provide access to our facility, services, and team to help you achieve the goals outlined in your Eon Well Roadmap™.

During this time you’ll begin to see first hand the benefits of our industry-leading cellular health technology, cellular health products, and treatment modalities.

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Progress Monitoring


Eon Well understands that different people need different levels of support throughout the protocol implementation process.

We have designed three different levels of monitoring and support to help our clients take control of their wellness goals.


The Body Composition Report available on the client Dexafit app will show how well the client’s training fitness program is working. We provide access to our gym to help you with address the results of these assessments.

We share the results of our 360-Assessment with a personal trainer, and a training program is developed, implemented, and modified based on your goals and progress. Our trainers are experts in functional training and driven to help clients reach the goals outlined in their EonWell Roadmap.


Exosome therapy is a regenerative therapy treatments that has already helped thousands of patients across the nation. We have partnered with Direct Biologics to offer this groundbreaking service to our clients Read More From Our Partners.

Our MD, Lease Harte, offers health coaching and consultation to help our clients mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while on the journey to reach their goal by sticking with their program.


The Elite Retreat is a life-changing, all-inclusive trip to a beautiful location so you kickstart your body’s natural potential towards optimal health. We offer a daily schedule with a well rounded program from sunrise to sunset to detoxify, rebuild, and rejuvenate.

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After your program has been completed, we provide a re-assessment to determine your progress.

At this point, a more comprehensive program is offered with intermediary touch points to assess progress and make adjustments as needed.

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